I love to paint masterpieces with pixels and build monuments with code.
I'm Inge, an aspiring Front-End Developer with a passion for design.

About Me

My name is Ingeborg De Tollenaere and I'm a twentysomething going on thirty living in a small town in Belgium. I'm trying to make a living out of sitting behind a computer all day long.
After being let go at my job due to restructuring, I decided to go back to school. In 2015 I completed a Java Enterprise Developer course and I enrolled at Hogeschool Gent, where I'm currently getting my Bachelor's degree in Applied Computer Science after hours.

I'm a firm believer my background in design but also my knowledge of back-end development are the keys to my success. I know my way around designing and developing websites. And after completing my last internship, I'm also able to add (beginning) Drupal Developer to the list.

What I Do

Think I've got what it takes?

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